Mrs. Crafty McHolidays: FEBRUARY

As part of my New Years Resolution to make two things a month, see January HERE.

Both of these projects were for Valentines day, but could easily be used for other holidays.

Vada’s Photo Strip Valentines:

vday1I REALLY wanted to send out Valentines from Vada this year to some friends and family. I think I got them in the mail early enough that they actually arrived in time for V-Day. They were fun to make, although it took me 3 days to finish them, babies only give you 30 minute windows of free time (I’m currently blogging during one of those windows). They were also super cheap to make as the only thing I paid for was the printing of the strips.

I woke up one morning, and even before brushing my teeth, I dressed Vada up, taped some red and white stripe wrapping paper to the kitchen wall/floor and took some photos of her and Hula. Easy Peasy. If you need help with how to do this, I recommend you check out YHLs monthly photos tutorial (they use fabric not wrapping paper). Then I used this Photoshop tutorial to create the image. This was super easy even if you have limited PS skills.

I went to FEDEX Office and used their photo printing machine and printed two sheets of these:


Then used a mix of paper, vellum, brads and ribbon to decorate them into photostrip book marks. Then we wrote on the back, stuffed em in red envelopes and mailed them off! I was so proud of myself!

PicMonkey Collage


Strawberry Cake with Buttercream Frosting

strawberry cake

I basically followed this tutorial for the cake, which is just doctoring a regular boxed cake. I think I will do this with every boxed cake I make! Its soo moist and a little dense, in a good way. YUM! Also my grocery store didn’t have strawberry pudding, so I used vanilla, tastes just as good. The layer of homemade raspberry jam was a last-minute addition, and it MADE THE CAKE! We at it in an embarrassing amount of time.



I can’t believe we are now into March! I got St. Patrick’s up in 17 days! Plus a vacation to Colorado in just a couple weeks!


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