Thats a Wrap: 2014 Goals, plans, and the like.

Before diving into 2014, lets recap 2013. We can start here on my “2013 Goals” post. I only accomplished THREE things from last years list, although the biggest and best of those things took 10 months out of the year, so yah know…that wins.


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Pregnancy was a slap in the face. If it hadn’t brought me the best tiny thing on earth I’d say it wasn’t worth it! I basically did NOTHING this year but suffer in pregnancy misery. No cooking, no exercise, no vacations, nothing but throwing up and bitching. But hoorah it’s over and my baby is awesome. So I suppose it was equally the best and worst year ever. (:


Above you will also see our awesome new camera (which was another goal for last year). Alas we did not save up and buy this dream camera, it was a very generous gift from my mother in law, and we are so smitten! Today I ordered 330 prints of photos we have taken with this camera in the last 8 weeks. It’s so very important to me to regularly document our lives, especially Vada’s, and having this awesome camera really makes it so easy and wonderful! Forgive me Facebook, for I cant help but share photos of my baby like it’s my job. Feel free to hide me (:

The last goal I accomplished last year was becoming self employed. I haven’t talked about it much on here, but my mom and I opened a restaurant in July! This experience has been both challenging and rewarding. I have so many emotions about it, and it’s taken me some time to process them amongst the pregnancy and birth, and simple family stuff. I’m looking forward to making the restaurant really be one of my passions, and to help make it even more successful. More on this when I get to my new goals.



So yeah, even though I didn’t lose weight, didn’t meal plan, didn’t go on any hikes, I did do some pretty great things in 2013. For 2014 I WONT BE PREGNANT, and plan to accomplish a lot more little things, and lot fewer big things. Sorry folks no more babies this year.

2014 GOALS

1. Build my Business, Build my passion for my business. This is huge. The restaurant is going to support me, and let me work around and with my family. It’s something my mom and I have worked really hard to put together, and it isn’t without it’s challenges. The hours are long, the money is tight, and we sometimes wonder if it’s worth it, but it is. It’s something both my mom and I really wanted, and we are very lucky to have come this far. We have lots of support from our friends and family, and we will continue to succeed. For me the biggest challenge will be building the business, and building my knowledge on running a business, it’s tough stuff. I also need to find my passion within the business. My mom is the cook, and she loves feeding people, and even loves interacting with people. For me the marketing and visuals and business side are what I like, but it’s hard to figure all that out. But like I said, it’s a goal I will continue to work at all year.

2. Take a family vacation: I want to close the restaurant for the last two weeks of August and take a family vacation. I’m thinking renting a cabin in Eastern Washington, or somewhere in the south Sound. Maybe even Hawaii if its super cheap. I’m picturing Vada in a baby bikini playing in the sand while I sip a Pina Colada…yes.

3. Get our  finances on track to buy a house: There are a million reasons we want to buy a house. I’d love to fix one up and feel like the money and energy we put into our home is actually ours. Unlike now, all the work we have done on our home and yard is for our Landlords, which is fine, because we love doing the work, and we get to appreciate it while we live here, but still. Also we do not want to have another baby in this house, it’s too small. Also we really want a guest room, so when people come to visit us (Nana, my sister, my close friends) we have a room that they can stay in, this would be sooo nice. So yeah, we need to talk with a financial advisor about what we need to do to make this happen in the next couple years. I doubt we would buy a house this year, but yah never know.

4. Overall Health: Weight loss, exercise, eating well, the usual. I’d like to drop the baby weight, and feel good about myself, not that I dont feel good now, because I really do. I also want Mr. Gaunt to get into shape, and be a healthy role model for Vada when she starts eating real food in 5 months.

So that’s that. I hope everyone has a great New Years!


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