24 Week Brain Dump

baby 24Two weeks ago I was talking to Mr. Gaunt and said something along the lines of “I’ve been surprisingly not emotional during this pregnancy. Besides crying over throwing up, I can’t think of anything that has made me super upset recently.”   FAST FORWARD to this week, and I could fill a 5 gallon bucket with tears. Today alone I have bawled at least three times. Things that seem to bring me to tears:


-Being very hungry

-Feeling week or tired

-Over exerting myself

-My car smells

-Mr. Gaunt smells

-I nap too long

-I mowed the lawn

-Hula barfed on the curtains

-My mom

-Someone said something nice to me

-Someone said something mean to me

-I’m too hot

-I haven’t taken a shower

-The baby wont stop kicking me

-I keep having to pee

-I’m thristy

This list could go on for a WHILE, A LONG WHILE. I could probably have a good cry right now if I wanted to. It’s pathetic, and god help us all if this is going to last 109 more days. Sigh.



1. Pregnancy is a pain in my ass, literally. Since about week 10 it feels like I either road a bike for 10 hours (which my fat-hating midwife can assure you I did not), or I fell down a flight of stairs and hit my butt over and over. Apparently its common, and will last until I give birth. It makes sitting very painful, especially on hard stools, or wood chairs. Laying down or standing is always preferred.

2. We have the nursery 75% set up! Building a crib is hard when you don’t have instructions (we bought it on Craigslist). I’m waiting for a rug I ordered to arrive, and then of course some things we will receive at our showers, or purchase after. It’s my new favorite room in the house. Hula’s too.

baby hula

3. I watched a million videos on Elimination Communication, Mr. Gaunt and I have agreed to do a very casual/part-time version of this. Anything to shorten diapering, but I promise not to let her pee on the floor.

4. I kind of hate those baby apps that compare your baby to a piece of fruit. Last week it told me my baby was 12″ long, 1.1lb and the size of a large mango. UMMM WHERE CAN I BUY ONE OF THESE FOOT LONG MANGOS!? I WANT ONE! In all seriousness the two sites I like to look at are Pregnology for dating, and this fun interactive “MAKE ROOM FOR BABY” site if I want to see how much she’s crushing my organs.

PicMonkey Collage


5. I’m still undecided on a Dula.

6. Mr. Gaunt bought me Happiest Baby on the Block DVD, because who has time to read? We will be watching it in a few month, and probably making my mom and Mr. Gaunt’s mom watch it too. I plan to not discuss our sleep plan/training with anyone but Mr. Gaunt. I believe it’s a personal choice, and I don’t really give a shit what anyone else has done. That being said SLEEP BABY SLEEP!

7. I have all my cloth diapers! yay! I’ll post more on this, and the other things we have purchased soon.

8. I would say I still pretty much despise pregnancy in general. We joke around here that Mr. Gaunt would make a much better pregnant person than me. I’m over it. Although I of course want that baby to cook as long as possible.


9. The results of our ultrasound came back and everything looked good. Also I had to have Pap Smear (hadn’t had one recently enough), which in case you wondered, at a birth center a paps mere entails two wooden crates you put your feet on, and my midwife wearing the same headlamp Mr. Gaunt takes camping.  Those results also look good. Without insurance, we paid $400 for the US and $200 for the lab results of the pap, as well as $200 for some blood work they require. Joy to the world. I don’t plan to talk too much about the cost of this baby, and how I am not insured, but I will say that we are working on filling some paperwork next month that will hopefully cover the cost of the birth ESPECIALLY if we have to go the hospital (were shooting for a birth center birth) for any reason. However before we got pregnant I researched a lot, and found it very difficult to find info on the cost of birth if you do not have any insurance, so maybe I will post on this later to help others who may need to make this choice. Trust me when I say I am well aware of the financial choices we made when deciding to get pregnant sans insurance.

baby appointment

10. Our baby is crazy active. She kicks and tumbles all day long. I can see it on the outside now too. It’s mostly fun, and only moderately annoying when I’m trying to sleep.

11. I’m pretty sure both my hair and eyelashes are getting thinner. I thought the opposite was supposed to happen? My mascara is always all blotchy and sparse looking. This on top of all the crying makes me look like a hot mess all the time. I hope this means I wont lose hair after the baby comes, because I’m pretty sure you only lose the extra hair you grew.

12. Only one person has asked me if I’m pregnant. A guy who I hardly know. A few times I have told people I am pregnant and they act shocked, this depresses me that they think I have just grown a big gut. I’m pretty sure I do look kind of pregnant now…right?

13. No cravings, no aversions, and I only gained 1 pound in the last month. My ultra-skinny-hippy-midwife was very pleased that I haven’t become MORE obese. I also started doing a prenatal workout class, which is kinda hard because I’m super out of shape. Oh well, better than nothing. Glucose test in 2 weeks.

baby workout

14. After mucho research, we decided to not buy a infant car seat, and just get a convertible car seat that will fit 5-120lbs. HOPEFULLY meaning we would never have to get another one. Downside is that it can’t come out of the car and be a carrier (or hook into a stroller), so we will always have to carry her until she is big enough to sit in a stroller on her own (around 4-6 months). We plan to be baby wearers, so I’m confident that this wont be a huge issue.

Alright, that’s all the boring baby fact I have right now. My Washington baby shower is on August 11th, and I’m sooo excited! Also we are going to Colorado the 4th-11th of September, and I am also super stoked for that, a little babymoon! Also…it’s too damn hot. Bring on FALL!

4 thoughts on “24 Week Brain Dump

  1. I am really enjoying following your journey – and taking notes for myself as well. I don’t want to overstep any boundaries, but health coverage is what I do and I may have some helpful information. Have you looked into the Pregnancy Medical Program through Washington DSHS? They have a great online calculator that can tell you what you may qualify for: https://www.washingtonconnection.org/prescreening/home.go?action=Introduction. If you haven’t checked it out, it might be an option to help with cost – especially for hospital stays.

    St. Joseph Hospital in Bellingham is contracted with the state at $1,778/day for natural birth and $2,129/day for C-section. It might be a good idea to ask the hospital to match the rates that they would accept from the state for a cash patient. You can expect to stay 2 days for natural birth and 3 for C-section. These are generally the lowest rates that a hospital will accept and it’s a good idea to get something in writing, so you don’t get stuck with a $30,000 bill (some hospitals charge upwards of $10,000/day). Also, these rates do not include any physician services. So your OB, Doula, Anesthesiologist, etc. would be an additional cost.

    I hope this is helpful and not too intrusive. I know how personal and private financial decisions and matters are. All the best! – Nicole

  2. If you do end up delivering at st.Joes. Look into bridge assistance. We didn’t have great insurance while pregnant with E and we qualified for this and it covered 100% of his birth and my care. And continued to cover for us (all 4 of us) 100% for a whole year all peacehealth affiliated offices. Really helped out. It’s for people with or without insurance. Be sure to look into that if you need to.

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