Breakfast Heat Wave

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We’re having a  Washington heat wave. This is probably a joke to the rest of the country, but here in the good old Pacific Northwest we tend to stick to high 60s low 70s. So anywhere in the 80’s pretty much sends everyone into a tizzy of buying fans and swimming in the lake. Mind you the humidity is in the 70’s so that adds to the hot factor. 85 degrees here with 70% humidity feels like 90-95 degrees, which is HOT and SWEATY. Luckily I’m not horribly pregnant, so although I’m hot, I’m not really complaining. My clothing options sorta suck, and I probably look dumpy all the time, but oh well.  It’s a good excuse to lay low in the shade and drink lots of sparkling water. Current obsession Lacroix Water, I can’t get enough of it. Anyway we are on crunch time for our restaurant opening, so my days are filled with running errands, painting and sewing. The sewing has actually been kinda fun and has made me all excited to sew some fun stuff for the baby.

Mr. Gaunt and I are also on a health kick. I finally feel well enough to eat almost anything, and cook! Hoorah! Plus I’m not working right now, and although I’m crazy busy with restaurant stuff, I’m able to schedule my time around making healthy food for us. That’s the joy of self employment right? You’re a little over worked, but its on your own schedule.

Mr. Gaunt is in desperate need to shed some weight, and I need to not really gain anymore. I’m up about 12 pounds so far I think (although I’m NOT weighing myself at home). Mr. Gaunt’s weight drastically effects his health, and he is battling sleep apnea, heartburn, and fatigue really bad right now. All of these things go away when he is at a lower weight, so I’m trying really hard to support him in making healthier choices.

Things that are currently ripe in our garden: Sugar Snap Peas, Red Kale, and Raspberries!For breakfast I used some of our kale and sauteed it up in a little coconut oil with salt, pepper and red pepper flakes. Mr. Gaunt does not love Kale as much as I do, he probably doesn’t really like it at all, but he ALWAYS eats it. He knows its good for him, and a few bites of Kale wont make him barf. I hate picky eaters. I also made us each 2 eggs on a piece of un-buttered wheat toast with half a slice of cheese each, and half a plum. Yum! We ate in the sweltering sun in our backyard, then watered the gardens, and figured that’s enough sun for us lol!




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