Whooah, We’re Half Way There…

Happy 20 weeks to me!

I’m officially half way done baking this baby. Actually today we had our first ultrasound, and they told me that our baby was measuring at 21 weeks, with an estimated delivery day of October 31st. However ultrasound due date accuracy at 20 weeks isn’t that good, so we are comfortable saying baby will be here anywhere in the first week of November.


The ultrasound was actually really fun and exciting. If all goes well this will be our only ultrasound we have, so it was pretty special. Our US tech was super nice and it was all very calm and the room was low lit and they played nice music. I drank a bottle of orange juice to try to wake the baby up for it, and it worked well. The baby was dancing all over the place until the last few minutes when it took a nap. Over the last couple weeks I feel it moving around all the time, and Mr. Gaunt got to feel it for the first time on the outside last night. Pretty fun stuff.

Anyway without further adieu, baby Gaunt is a GIRL!


Here she is looking like a skeltor-blob.


And here she is looking like a 3D skeltor-blob. You can see her hand/arms are crossed in front of her face. She also is wearing her umbilical cord around her neck, but its open, so that is apparently fine. Babies first accessory.


And last here is the side of her head. Girl’s got cute ears like her father. Also ignore the fact that her fingers look all distorted, that’s just the camera doing that…..or so they say.

The actual ultrasound was way more fun because she was moving so much, which is why we didn’t get any super clear photos. That’s cool, I’m guessing we will have lots of adorable photos of her when she is earth-side….and plumper.

EVERYONE said she was a girl, and all the Chinese calendars and old wives tales all predicted a girl, so this was no surprise at all.

Mr. Gaunt, despite his hopes for a boy, continues down the path of his all-girl life. He is happy though, he’s gonna make her a golfer in hopes for future college scholarships. I on the other hand was super duper happy, I may have cried a little. I’m going to go out and buy something ridiculously girly tonight.

I mentioned it before but we are not telling anyone our name. Yes we have picked one out, and are sticking with it, but wont be sharing it until she arrives.

T’was a good day.

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