A Summer Cabin

Hello June!Hello Summer!

I don’t plan to have a super summery-summer this year. For one thing I’m almost 5 months pregnant, which means no cocktails, no floating the river (I’m sure I could, but it seems a little dangerous), no big vacations (this is more a money-saving thing, any savings we have is going towards medical/baby expenses). Plus I quit my job and bought a restaurant….seriously. So yeah, my summer will be spent preparing for a baby, and opening a restaurant. Crazy right? Needless to say, I just don’t see a lot of  “fun in the sun” this year. Which in all reality is totally fine. I don’t feel all that cute these days, nor comfortable, and heat is not my friend, so a laid back summer of working inside and just taking it easy is really ok by me. There are a million summers to come.

In planning for our new baby, and thinking of our future “with kids” I really want to start focusing on more family traditions. My own family is not big on tradition, they just don’t care much about holidays and birthdays, and things like that. Not that we didn’t celebrate those things, we did most of my childhood, but as we have gotten older my family is the first ones to sign up for “no Christmas gifts”  or “nah lets not get together for x holiday this year” things like that. For Mr. Gaunt and I, these things are kind of a big deal. We just really like it, and have consistently tried to create and honor our own traditions. To be honest its one of the best parts about getting married, you basically get to have your own family, and do whatever the hell makes your family happy. Mr. Gaunt and I are really into decorating for the holidays, were also into birthdays, vacation traditions, taking lots of photos, collecting keepsakes, that sort of stuff.


34916_10150219096130618_5007875_nOne thing my family did do every summer though, is made at least one vacation trip to our family owned cabin in the south Puget Sound (pictured above). My Grandparents built the cabin when my mom was a small child, and it stayed in our family until I was 17 when they sold it…sob!! My absolute best childhood memories were of going to Harstiene for a week around the 4th of July every year. When we were older we got to bring friends, and I even went alone with some friends when I was 16.  Anyway it was just such a nostalgic place for me. I got to take Mr. Gaunt there in 2010 (the week we got engaged!) my mom rented a nicer cabin on the same island, and it was so much fun!


The cabin we rented in 2010





I just think going away for a week or two every summer with your family is so “old fashion American fun!” ha ha, that’s my traditional side coming out lol! It’s just something that I think is really special, and a tradition I want to carry on with my own children. So my plan is for Mr. Gaunt and I to try to rent a cabin for a week each summer (hey maybe one day buy one!) and take a little family vacation there every year! Our baby will be 9 months old next summer, perfect age for first family vacation! I can’t wait!

Tonight Mr. Gaunt and I have a cloth diaper class, then next Friday we have our 20 week ultrasound! Last week at work too! Happy summer planning!


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