Christmas Day Away

xmas2012I am doomed to always feel a little blah on Christmas Day? Total burnout, extra fat, overwhelmed by STUFF! Does everyone feel this way, or am I a bah-humbug freak? Not that I didn’t have a lovely Christmas, because I did, I always do, but I still feel grossed out on Christmas.

Mr. Gaunt and I have been doing the usual gift bonanza, and then I insisted on a long rainy walk, I needed a little fresh air. My family is coming over for Prime Rib tonight and I am making Yorkshire pudding. I need to clean my house a little, so that is what I will be doing in the next few hours.

I have a horrible mindset that once Christmas is over that spring is on its way. This is not true, and especially not true in Washington. We are at the tippy tip start of winter. It will be June before the sun shines again, and I can be outside. The end of Christmas is the beginning of the fight against winter depression. Bring on the exercise and fresh juice, I gotta make this body healthy to beat the blues.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays the best they can. And to my slightly blue, December overloaded, trying to stay in the spirit folks…strength be with you. There will be sunshine again. The holidays are over, and Valentines day is awesome.



xmas 3


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