Christmas 2012

All our cards have been sent out, so I can now share our 2012 Christmas card…

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 12.18.41 PM

Cute right? There were a lot of fun out takes too, two of which we used on the actual card…






What can I say, sometimes when you insist on having your cat in your photo you have to take a million shots. And in case you wondered we set our camera up on a ladder in front of our house, because A. We don’t own a tripod, and B. Its a little digital camera that wont screw onto a big tripod. The ladder worked fine.  See 2011 Card here, and 2010 card here.

In other fun Christmas news, Mr. Gaunt played Santa at my work. Kids came and decorated cookies with me (Mrs. Claus) and then they took photos with Santa and he read them The Night Before Christmas. First off, let me say that I was super nervous for him. I mean what if the kids didn’t believe it was him, what if the parents thought he looked too young? Could he Ho Ho Ho properly? Mr. Gaunt was less nervous than me, he really just isn’t one to stress over stuff like that. So we watched some YouTube videos on How To Be A Good Santa, practiced the Ho Ho Ho, which is more of a laugh than the actual words, and studied up on some Santa facts. Know all the reindeer by heart!


20620_10151281086483190_778201855_nThe day of, we went to my work, put on the costumes, put on lots of makeup (even Santa got rosy cheeks and a little lipstick for jolly-ness) and waited for the kids. In the end, it was the cutest thing I have ever witnessed. Mr. Gaunt is such a kind and funny personality. He got down to their level, looked them in the eyes, asked them questions about Christmas, and their families, and kitties, and snow. He let them sit next to him, or on his lap. He thanked them for cookies, and told him which kind were his favorite for Christmas eve night (chocolate chip).









I nearly burst into tears watching him be so sweet to these children. I honestly could not have married a better man, and holy shit he will be the worlds greatest dad…period. No one will compare. I love him so! (sorry to gush!) (see all photos here, note that half way through that album it becomes a different Santa, not Mr. Gaunt)

In an honest moment, I will say that the photos of myself made me feel extra fat. Maybe it was the red, or the stripes, or the fat, who knows? Its both nice and sad to have a reminder to stop eating cookies and go work out. Maybe in the new year Ill get my ass back in shape? We really need to invest in our own Santa costume too, obviously.

Also all photos were taken by Jen Owen of Jen Martin Studios. She did our engagement photos back in the day, but is such a genius with kids! So precious! She also does birth photos if anyone is looking for someone.

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