Weigh In: Skip Week

First off, let me tell you that it is currently 5:49 am, and I have been up for an hour, and re-caulked my entire bath tub. My sleeping habits over the last few months are AWFUL! I have a horrible time falling asleep, staying asleep, and practically dread night-time. This is the first time in my life this has happened to me, it sucks. I will say though, that I’m not tired in the day, I don’t nap, I generally am not over sleeping, I just plain old don’t feel the need to sleep much anymore. I have also found that sleeping with Mr. Gaunt has become somewhat difficult. I don’t think it’s anything new that he is doing, more that I am just being a really sensitive sleeper, but his snoring, body heat, and general space invasion are suddenly causing me to wake up at 4am and decide I need to get up and re caulk the tub. 1. We need a king size bed. 2. I need a fan or something 3. I just need to get back into a normal schedule (even if that means, gulp, waking up at 5am, because it’s what my body likes). I also have been spending a lot of time THINKING when I should be sleeping. It’s as though I can’t turn my brain off. I think about work, and cleaning, and baby showers (I’m throwing one next weekend), and weddings, all the freaking time. I make myself sick running plans and ideas and worries through my head, instead of sleeping.

I’m also currently a little sick feeling. I had too many glasses of champagne at a Halloween party last night, and I have an upset stomach and heart burn. Sigh. Today is also suppose to be a day off, but I have to do a ton of stuff around the house, plus clean the bar, and then we have a full wedding tonight at 7:30, so not really a day off at all. All of this just gives me more anxiety, and more of a reason not to sleep. Sigh.

ANYWAY back to Weigh in, if you can’t tell from the title, I didn’t go to my meeting this week. This is because I flat out didn’t have time (at least not time when there was a meeting). I started my new job, and the times for Thursday and Friday didn’t work for me to actually go to my meeting, so I missed it. This next week I will have time on Thursday morning. Not that I think I lost much weight, more maintained, but hopefully this next week will be good. I have definitely been feeling better about myself, but with a holiday week I know there will be lots of temptations around town, so it’s important to eat healthy and stay physical!

Taken yesterday afternoon

Up next a Halloween post!

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