Back from Death

Yesterday I got a horrible stomach bug that put me down for the entire day. I actually had to call out sick for my FIRST DAY OF WORK! Can you believe that? Awful. I had just taken my food handlers permit test, and it talked about if you are having flu symptoms, that you should NOT go to work and cook food for children…duh. So I called out, hoping my job doesn’t now hate me (I swear I was trying to save the children!!!). Today I feel 80% better. My stomach is still making queezy sounds, but I’m hoping by 1:30 I will be fine.

Plans for this weekend:

-We have a Halloween party on Saturday night, and a wedding (that we are working) on Sunday night.

-I also would like to do one last sweep of the yard. Put away patio furniture (soooo sad!) and the fire pit. Mow the yard (if it stops raining), and clean out the gardens. Then of course we will ignore the yard for 6 months…booo.

-Lastly I have to finish up some baby shower crafts, for the baby shower I’m throwing the following weekend.

Lets hope this was simply a little food poisoning and that I will be good to go for the next few weeks!


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