Weigh in: Snackalicious

Happy Friday! It’s a busy Friday for me today. I went at 9:30 to my Weight Watchers meeting, and then I have to go to job #1 (I clean a bar twice a week) and then to training at 2 for my new job. Then Mr. Gaunt and I are going to have a little date night and go to Lynden Antique and Craft Show. It’s the start of the Holiday Bazaar and craft show season…YAY!!!!

I posted yesterday that I thought I wouldn’t be able to go to the 9:30 meeting because I was supposed to have training at 9, but my boss moved it to two. Today was my week 5, and I lost:

-2.6 lbs.

Holla! That’s exciting because I almost thought about skipping this weeks meeting because I was SURE I hadn’t lost any weight. That puts me at 11.4 pounds lost in 5 weeks. Maybe a little slower than I would prefer, but I can’t complain. I’m loving going to the weekly meetings, event if they are old and fuddy duddy. They hold me accountable, and that what matters.

Today’s topic was on snacking. More specifically, late night snacking. This isn’t something I have a HUGE problem with, but occasionally give into. Currently I have a pretty good routine of having 15-20 jelly beans (4 points) every night while watching an episode of whatever show we are into. I love it. I also started making my own Jelly bean mixes at the grocery store, so I don’t have to have any cinnamon or buttered popcorn, or tutti fruity.  Other late night snacks I enjoy are fruit, a healthy mini muffin (that I bake at the beginning of the week) or some popcorn. We flat-out don’t have any cookies, cake, chips, or delicious crackers anywhere in our house, because these are RED LIGHT foods.

In WW they talk about the three types of food:

RED LIGHT: Usually unhealthy. You can’t stop from eating too much. Shouldn’t be kept in the house (Potato chips, homemade cookies, croissants)

YELLOW LIGHT: Not super healthy, You can usually resist them, but they are a slippery slope into RED LIGHT territory. (pita chips, pizza, turkey jerkey, wine)

GREEN LIGHT:  Healthy food. You only eat when you are hungry and can stop when you are full. STOCK UP! (Fruit, healthy baked goods, lean meats, oats)


Some people in my meeting were talking about how while you watch TV you are bombarded with food commercials. I kind of forgot about this, as we cancelled our cable 2 years ago, and only watch Netflix (instant watch through our xbox) I never see commercial, ever. It’s sooo nice. We also recently have been watching gory TV shows (The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad) which are fairly un-appetizing, and do not make me want to snack.

Other tricks people said were to brush your teeth, take a night time class, and clean your whole kitchen so there are no leftovers to nibble on, and it feels like the KITCHEN IS CLOSED.

This weeks goals for me are: Stay away from all unhealthy foods at my new job, and make 2% or non fat lattes ONLY. (we have Edamame, eggs, whole wheat bagels, carrot sticks, hummus, and a few other things at work, which would be good choices). Also to move more, bake some healthy treats. Make a crockpot roast for the week, and keep moving while hanging around the house by cleaning and doing other chores.

This pic was taken yesterday, not today.

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