Back to Work

It’s my last week of unemployment! YAY…and BOO. Yay because we definitely couldn’t go another month without me working, and boo because I was being so productive with my time off! Seriously, I’d be such a good housewife.

My house has never been so clean. The laundry done regularly, hot meals on the table. I’ve been canning, and crock-potting, and preserving vegetables from the garden. I organized some closets, planned a baby shower, walked a bunch. I decorated for fall, created a new website, and booked a couple wedding. I met with brides, hung out with my family, and got back to blogging! I also joined Weight Watchers, lost 10 pounds, and got a new job (which I have been doing lots of side-work for)!

I wont lie, I’m going to miss all the TIME to do the things I should do on a regular bases. I’m really hoping that I have built new habits of just “upkeep” and that I keep doing them. I never have to worry if my house is clean when people come over, because it always is! I like that. I am however excited to get back to a better sleep schedule. For the last 3-ish years I have been getting up at 5am, and going to bed by 11. However now I sleep until 7:45-8:30 every morning, and it’s hard to go to be with Mr. Gaunt at 10. However for me personally I HATE staying up late, so I always go to bed with Mr. Gaunt, but I can’t always fall asleep. This past week it got really bad, where I was laying in bed for 3 or 4 hours! I started drugging myself with a sip of Nyquil (which works AMAZING, but isnt something I want to make a habit of). Needless to say I’m looking forward to getting up at 6 again and having a job to go to.

My new work schedule is going to be quite different though. More of a 10-7 sort of deal, with Fri, Sat, Sun off. It’s not my ideal schedule, but it should be ok. It will give Mr. Gaunt and I some time apart, which will be good for us, and I still get to have weekends for weddings and such.

I had to take my Food Handlers Card test this morning, so I didn’t go to my WW meeting, and today I work at noon. Tomorrow I work at 9am, so I’ll have to go tomorrow night. I’m kind of looking forward to a different class time, and hopefully a  more youthful group.



One thought on “Back to Work

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