Weight In: Writing it Down

Happy Thursday!

It’s been a busy morning for me. I went to my WW meeting at 9:30 and realized it was at 10:30, so I went to Walmart (which I NEVER do, but it’s across the street) and stocked up on some healthy baking supplies! I hate Walmart, but man for basics like Whole Wheat Flour, and Pumpkin Pie spice, their prices can’t be beat! If I only go there twice a year, it can’t be too bad. I also got some cheap pumpkin spice candles which I’m burning as we speak. Sorry Yankee Candles, $19 for a jar candle vs $4, there really inst a comparison for an unemployed gal like myself.

Then I went and met my mom at a local event venue to discuss with the owners the possibility of starting a catering company in their kitchen. It looks like everything is a go, and we will just need to get the Health dept’s approval. We are hoping to some company holiday parties!

After that was lunch at The Daisy Cafe (try their Curry Salad!), and a trip to the shoe store to try on some Danskos. I’m thinking of getting a pair for when I work weddings, they are $120 though, so I really have to think about it.

Now I’m at home, in my Costco Sherpa, with my fall candle burning, looking up a healthy cookie recipe. I think I’m going to try this one tonight, maybe this one.

Oh right, back to my weight watchers meeting! In slightly underwhelming news I lost exactly the same as last week:


-1.2 lbs


I’m definitely a little disappointed, not because I thought I lost more, but because I feel I SHOULD be loosing more. I’m staying within my points, and I’m moving more…grrr. However I ALWAYS want to pat myself on the back! I didn’t gain, I have now lost 7.8lbs in 3 weeks, which is good, and I feel great. I feel motivated, and happy, and satisfied. So I wont dwell on the number, I will just feel good that I’m three weeks in and still putting along!

It was kind of boring today at our meeting. Our instructions for last week were to bring in a weeks worth of tracking (I printed mine from my WW e-tools) and then we got in groups and discussed them. The person’s tracker we got had eaten small portions of high fat foods, like macaroni, fish n chips, and crab salad. They also showed no signs of activity. I don’t know if they have lost weight, but I definitely didn’t learn anything positive from their week.

Looking over my own weeks, I can see there are many days I don’t eat as many points as I should. I also have been eating larger meals with no (other than fruit)snacking, as opposed to small meals all day. I have been snacking on fruit, and having 20 jellybeans every other evening for dessert. On days when I don’t drink a latte, I have more points leftover. On days when I have wine, I might have to skip a meal, which is sort of stupid.  Overall though I feel like I’m doing pretty good.

And of course the most important lesson is simply to write down what you eat. Your brain will not properly remember how much you have consumed. You should have it all written down, so at dinner time, you know if you can have the glass of wine, or those jelly beans, no guessing. I really recommend everyone do it for at least 1 week straight.

Next weeks topic is FRIENDS WITHOUT FOOD! As well as how to pamper or reward yourself without food. Think about it. I would also like to lose a solid 2 pounds this week.

SIDE NOTE: All the older ladies today were talking about how Carmel Rice Cakes are the BEST dessert. I have NOTHING in common with these women. If I never eat another rice cake in my life, I will be happy. Also the Katy Perry Movie is awesome, you should watch it.


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