Shredded Chicken and Eating Naked

I’ll get the naked thing out-of-the-way first. Did anyone see that article about model Marisa Miller, where she said her best tip to eating smart is to eat naked? Seriously folks, could you imagine sitting cross-legged on the couch eating a plate of french fries, or a big slice of cake? Every time you reached down to dip that fry you would get a glimpse of your whole body naked. If you have a rocking bod that you are proud of, this would be a great reminder that you want to KEEP it! If you have a body that needs a little improvement, this would remind you to make healthier choices. Excuse me while I wipe this frosting of my thigh.

Now by no means do I think you should eat entire meals in the nude (unless that’s how you roll) but if you are at home, alone, in the middle of the afternoon, and want a snack, get butt naked. Seriously. I guarantee the sheer awareness of your naked body will change the snack decisions you make. Try it. (:

Now onto shredded chicken. Awkward transition, I know.

I have been making large batches of shredded chicken the last few weeks in the Crockpot. I use this basic recipe, unless I have chicken broth on hand, and then I just do chicken broth and chicken. You can add spices later too, Mr. Gaunt loves just salt and pepper.  It’s really so versatile: salads, soups, sweet potatoes, pastas, you can add it to everything! And it’s so low-calorie, a great on the go protein. Sometimes I just eat a 1/2 cup of it with a fork and am satisfied. It also freezes well!


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