Fall Fashion For Me!

Fall is soooo here. I made pumpkin muffins last night, and have been drink non fat pumpkin spic lattes all week. I love it! With fall comes my absolute favorite style! Layers! I’m all about leggings, a flared skirt, a 3/4 length shirt with a big scarf and a cardigan. Bring it on! Here are a few of my favorite (could never afford them) fall clothing items. I’ve already picked up 3 sweaters at a thrift store 2 weeks ago, but I plan to be bulking up my fall wardrobe very soon, and I promise to take pics. Now I need to order lots and lots of tights!

Shrug $30

Linen Tee $50

Fox Scarf $17

Leggings $17.25

Pullover 39.95

Ankle Pant $69

Dress $66.99

Infinity Scarf $30

Knit Blazer $62

Market Dress $95

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