Our First Anniversary

If you missed it, I posted photos all weekend from our wedding (a year ago) that I never posted on the blog. You can see RECEPTION,  CEREMONY,  WEDDING PARTY,  SET UP & DECORATIONSBRIDE AND GROOM,  and THE REHEARSAL.  I hope you enjoyed them, I have such fond memories of our wedding, and I’m very proud of the whole day, the wedding, and the marriage.

Speaking of Marriage, I’ve been married a whole year! Mr. Gaunt and I celebrated this weekend with a trip he planned all by himself! We always prefer to save money and not fly unless we have to, so we went to the Olympic Peninsula, Coupeville, and the HOH Rainforest. It was such an awesome trip!

We stayed in an awesome old fire station that has been converted into an apartment! The Coupeville Firehouse Inn was right in downtown Coupeville where we spent 2 nights. We hit up the local restaurants, the shops, the pier. We went on a long-ass hike Ebeys Landing which is 5.6 miles long, mostly along a steep bluff, and then on the beach. It took us about an hour and 45 minutes. Despite my hate of hiking, this was one of the best parts of the trip, and I would recommend anyone do it. I hit 16,000 steps that day (:

We also bought art at the Farmers Market, checked out the book store, bought Filet Mignon at the grocery store and BBQed at our place. We went to the Coupevelle Kite festival, and hiked up and down the downtown streets after yummy dinner, and went bowling at Ebey Bowl!

On Sunday morning we took the ferry to Port Townsend, and drove the 2 hours to Forks Wa…yeah like in Twilight. I read all the books, and was excited to be all touristy. In the end Forks was very sad and lame. There was nothing to do, although I DID end up standing in line next to Matt Leblanc at the grocery store! So we left early and drove to Rialto Beach, which was beautiful and fun, albeit a little cold.

After we left the beach we drove 45 minutes to the Hoh Rainforest, which was awesome! We did the two mini hikes, Hall of Mosses, and Spruce nature Trail, which were in total about 2 miles long. Then we drove back to Port Angeles, because Forks seemed a little sketch.


On Monday we had breakfast and did some shopping in Port Angeles and Port Townsend, then drove home. It was a pretty awesome trip, and although we did eat some pretty yummy stuff, we also did LOTS of walking. I hit 10,000 steps almost every day! We also planned our car snacks well, and drank lots of water. I might have to be extra good this week in order to see a loss, but anytime you don’t gain weight on vacation is a win!


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