Wedding Set Up & Decorations

I spent months collecting and making decorations for our wedding. It was by far my favorite part. The morning of our wedding we (and by we I mean anyone who I could get to come) all met at the venue, unloaded the car and began to decorate! It took us about 3 hours, we started at 7am, and I left at 10:30 ish to get my hair did. The guys focused on hanging all the fans, and I delegated tasks to the girls for table settings and the ceremony decor. In the end it was beyond awesome! I couldn’t have been happier!

Our favor was for guest to fill a dessert box with treats.

We had custom coasters made that read MORGAN AND J’s MEET AND MINGLE TRIVIA, we hand wrote 100 facts/trivia questions about thing relating to us, like Washington, Colorado, Cats, The Home Depot, Weddings, The Broncos etc. I still have all of them. (:

We asked guests to write little notes and relationship advice ot us and clip them onto this frame that held photos of us.

We did a mini cake and a large dessert bar with desserts baked by my aunt, my mom, and a few store bought things like M&Ms and banana chips.




-Venue is The Broadway Hall in Bellingham Washington

-Large Bamboo Plates were purchased here (these were awesome!)

-The mini salad plates were collected over the year at thrift stores

-We rented silverware, goblets, and linens

-Cardboard signs all by Mr. gaunt

-Napkin rings are moss wire from here

-Moss rocks are from the Dollar Tree (5 for $1!)

-Milk Glass was collected over the year and we planted our own succulents (see post here)

-Tissue Fans and Garland were purchased here

-Tree stumps were cut by a local logging company

-Yarn Pom Poms were made by me

-Runners cut by me from yards of burlap

-Flowers were all made by my maid of honors mom. Dahlias all from Joe’s Garden

-See additional crafts here and here


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