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Our photographer was AMAZING! I got an amazing deal because of Craigslist (which can be a risk, but seriously I paid $500 for 6 hours of service! He usually charges $2500 for the package I got. I’m not linking him because of mentioning this deal) every photo I received was edited to perfection. He had the vintage feel I wanted, and listened to everything I said. The more I look at these photos the more I love them. I also only received about 330 photos, which was perfect! ALL KILLER, NO FILLER! That’s how weddings should be done in my opinion. Who want 1000 photos of their wedding when most of them don’t even get edited? There were less than 20 photos that I didn’t love.

We did a FIRST LOOK, which was awful awkward and hectic, but that was just because I was high strung and anxious. We had our photographer meet us at our house because it was important to me to do a few shots in front of our home, and I REALLY wanted a photo with Hula (our cat). We only took 1 shot with Hula and she was such a model! So perfect. The Thank You banner I made and we used that photo as our Thank You card, which I think people were really impressed with.

PS: Mr. Gaunt was drop dead adorable on our wedding day. Simply stunning.

2 thoughts on “Professional Wedding Photos – Us

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  2. beautiful and unique wedding : ), do you mind if i can inquire waht type of french nails you have there? is that pink on white with acrylic or gel overlay in the oval tip? or something else entirely?

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