Our Wedding Rehearsal 9/23/2012

We held our wedding rehearsal the night before in a park across the street from our venue, because someone else was having a wedding that night. We held our rehearsal dinner in a local Italian restaurant and did pizza, salad, lasagna and soft drinks. It was what we could afford (although later Mr. Gaunt’s dad paid for the whole thing as a surprise!) But I think everyone really enjoyed it. We handed out gifts to our moms and our wedding party (see what we gave them here), and went to bed full of pizza and butterflies!

God this photo of my future husband is sooo dreamy.


We were so lucky that one of our guests (who’s two sons were Mr. Gaunt’s groomsmen took a million GORGEOUS photos of all our events. There were so many things he captured that we could not have paid a photographer to get, and they mean the world to me!)

****Funny side story: In august I did a wedding n which they hired a girl to be my wait staff, after chatting a while I found out it was HER wedding that was on my rehearsal night…small world!

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