Fall Breakfast: Pumpkin Apple Oat Bake

I made this on a whim this morning. I planed to have Mr.Gaunt make Kodiak Cakes, but I had a couple of apples that I wanted to use, and anytime is a good time for pumpkin! I based it off this recipe, and followed it exactly except no Wheat Germ (what is that?), and no cranberries (as I’m not a huge fan of raisins or cranberries). It was really easy, it baked perfectly, and was one of the most delicious breakfast foods I’ve ever made. It’s also pretty healthy and very hearty. It makes 6 servings (at 6-7 weight watcher P+ each). I plan to try other fruits in baked oats this winter, its awesome.


One thought on “Fall Breakfast: Pumpkin Apple Oat Bake

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