Artist Point. A Trip to Baker

In an attempt to do more activities and less eating, Mr. Gaunt and I made a trip to Mt. Baker today. We went in search of the famous Artist Point at the end of Mt. Baker Highway. Artist Point bears witness to both Mt. Baker and Mt Shuksan in a beautiful 360 panoramic view. Mt. Shuksan is one of the most photographed mountain in the world, and Mr. Gaunt and I honored its fame and took a few shots of our own. The weather was to die for!

Oh and in case it appears that I was hiking in a skirt and flip-flops, I wasn’t. Artist Point only gives the illusion that one is hiking. Seriously we parked like 20 feet from where we took these photos, and there are trails, and small children everywhere. You can hike, but hiking really isn’t my thang, but we did walk around a bunch.

On the way home we were both STARVING so we stopped at The North Fork Brewery for pizza and a drink. We planned ahead and allotted the points for 2 slices and a drink each. It was so good, probably the best pizza in Washington. We have plans to go back when we get our Christmas tree (I know, we plan way in advance).

It was a really great day. (:

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