Weight Wachers Day 1, Round 2

I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting ROUND TWO today at 9am.  See proof (thankyouverymuchinstagram):

Don’t you just LOVE those lime green chairs! The building is brand new, it opened last week, right next to the coffee spot that makes awesome Raspberry White Chocolate Scones! <—Thisiswhyyourefat. Uh..anyway it’s all sorts of high tech, but once the meeting got started it all seemed familiar. I definitely plan to switch my meeting time, probably to the evening because this meeting was full of much older women. I was probably the only person under 50 there. Not that I dis like older women, but we live much different lifestyles. Most of them are retired, and not very tech savvy. It makes a lot of the meeting irrelevant to me. For instance we were talking about bad habits, and all of them were saying how they wake up at 2am and eat. This sounds crazy to me! I have never in my life woken up in the middle of the night and eaten. Maybe its something that happens to you when your old?

I wont bore you with how the WW system works, because this isn’t a weight watchers blog, its a FEEL GOOD BLOG! But I will tell you what today’s meeting was about.


They had us use the below formula to determine a BAD habit that we do, when/where/who we do this habit with, and what sort of POSITIVE feeling we get from it:

Then we take the same formula and try to determine a GOOD habit that we can do with the same who/where/when and get the same positive feelings.

Mine went a little something like this. My family is awesome, but we LOVE to eat and drink! We love to throw a party with good food, cater a wedding, go out for a birthday dinner! But it makes me fat, so I’d like to try to do things that are less food related and more activity related. Now I’m not talking about going on a hike (that’s not our style) but maybe do a project, work in the yard, paint pottery, whatever. Take the main focus of social events off the food. This sounds nearly impossible, but like Jennifer Hudson tells me, I must BELIEVE I can do it.

This morning I did some work errands, and now I have to go to work (I clean my moms bar twice a week). So far all I’ve eaten is an iced vanilla Americano with a little cream <—Its better than a latte people!! Hope everyone enjoys their Friday!


5 thoughts on “Weight Wachers Day 1, Round 2

  1. Just wanted to say “Good Luck” as we are rooting for you to succeed and believing in yourself is a good thing. No one can make a change in you, except you. As that old saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water, but ya can’t make him drink” is so true, as if we don’t believe in ourselves that WE can do something, then no one else will be able to do so! Good Luck! 🙂

  2. You’re right…your sleep goes a little haywire as you get older. I’m older but I have a class that’s also a Moms and Tots so we hear a lot about those lifestyle problems. I always enjoy hearing what the younger women have to say. I was once a young mom myself. So don’t be shy even if you’re surrounded…most of them will have lived your kind of lifestyle in their lives.

  3. That picture is tripping me out with it’s backwardness. I understand logically that you were sitting at your computer so everything behind you is flipped, but my brain is still like “no, the door doesn’t go there!” Oh and also, go team.

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