Thrifted Home Accessories

I wanted to share some photos of some of the nick-nack accessories we acquired/bought this summer.

Mr. Gaunt and I love to go to thrift stores late in the evening and just meander. I usually bring home a little accessory, or a shirt, or something. I rarely spend more than about $10, and it can entertain us for hours. We also did a lot of garage sale-ing this summer, which is where a number of these things came from. Buying cheap thrifted home decor is awesome because if you decide to switch up your style or re-decorate, you dont feel bad re-donating it back to Goodwill!

It’s funny because all of this stuff really represents my style, but its sooo all over the board! Eclectic I guess. I swear my house doesn’t look like a circus.

Gold pear $2 at Goodwill

Mechanical metal chicken (it lays eggs and came in its original box!) $6 Goodwill

Cat cutting board $2 For The Love Of Hospice (thrift store)

Vintage Colorado pennant $10 Urban Craft Uprising (craft fair)

Vintage wooden signs $4 (TOTAL!) Estate Sale

Wooden Sign $1 Estate Sale

Wooden Tea Pot memo board $1 Estate Sale

Wooden acorns 25 cents Estate Sale

Chalkboard sign $15 (NEW in Colorado)

Denver Blue Bear bookend $18 (NEW)History Colorado Museum

Vintage cake topper $2 Garage Sale

Norwegian Candelabra $3 Value Village












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