Juicing: Day 3

Its the END of day 3, and I have a (totally predicted) headache of all headaches. Supposedly its the caffeine leaking out of my brain…or something like that.

Today I drank a ton of water and tried really hard not to think about food, or food related activities, or lattes.

A few positives:

-I don’t feel grossly full (obviously)

-Meal planning and “cooking”  is way easier

-I REALLY appreciate the food I eat at lunch (Today was Wild rice and Kale Salad, and grilled chicken)

-I feel less bloated and…greasy?

-We are definitely saving money.

A few negatives:

-There isn’t really a way to make a savory/salty juice, and I miss that.

-Some veggies create pulp and that is GROSS! (most of the juice is totally pulp free, just a little frothy on top)

-My kitchen just sort of smells like juicing, which is kind of gross

-I can already see my social life decreasing and my napping increasing.

I also will note that I hate juiced beets as much as I hate cooked beets. Also the Hemp Protein powder was so gross I almost barfed. I will find another way to get in protein. Anyone want a full can of Hemp Protein Powder? All in all Im super foggy headed and achy. I’m going to bed.

3 thoughts on “Juicing: Day 3

  1. When you first were talking about this, I didn’t even think about NOT DRINKING COFFEE! AH! I think that would be the dealbreaker for me. Stay strong!

  2. I watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and I have been thinking about getting into juicing. I need something to really clean me out and jump start my weight loss. I have already cut out all soda and caffeine, Any tips on where I can find a cheap juicer? That is probably the biggest issue. A good one costs a pretty penny. Keep updating

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