So Fresh

I got Freshly Pressed…AGAIN! (with this post)

The first time this happened back in August I didn’t know what “Freshly Pressed” meant. Now I do. Freshly Pressed is the front page of

See that’s me at the bottom there with my Herringbone dresser. Basically every weekday WordPress hand picks 10 blogs to feature on their front page for 24 hours. Apparently it’s like the lottery of blogging, well next to being Oprah, Ellen, or Martha (FEEL FREE TO CALL ME LADIES!) There is a whole article on “tips to getting pressed” here. The basic steps are:

1. Write unique content that’s free of bad stuff.

2. Make posts visually appealing.

3. Add relevant tags.

4. Cap off your post with a compelling headline.

5. Aim for typo-free content.

I must say, it’s quite the compliment to have this happen twice to me in 6 months. The other post that was pressed was my Planting The Succulents which received 6,147 hits in 24 hours. This time I got 5,300 hits in 24 hours. How neat is that! Of course I don’t actually get anything (accept gloating rights) from this traffic. Over the last year I have 100% decided I don’t plan too ever try to make money off this blog. It’s just a little too personal. I don’t want to have to worry about content or sponsors, and I definitely don’t want to turn this into a job. It’s just my hobby, or my therapy.

For now I can just toot my horn, that they picked my little old blog TWICE out of 394,642 bloggers and 871,353 new posts.




3 thoughts on “So Fresh

  1. Congrats….again! I have been blogging almost two years now and have never been freshly pressed (at least I don’t think I was) but I hope for the day when I can be! Keep up the good work & stop by my blog to see what I’m up to! 🙂

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