Menchies in Bellingham!

Bellingham has a lot to offer, good restaurants, good coffee shops, good farmers market, even good ice cream. However, when we moved back to Bellingham from Colorado we realized that something very important was missing (besides an abundance of outdoor pools) a self serve frozen yogurt shop!

In Colorado we mostly frequented the Yogurt Land near our house. And despite the droves of teenagers that it was always packed with, Yogurt Land rocked my socks off. I’ve been known to have Yogurt Land for dinner, seriously. Then I moved to Bellingham and it was goodbye Yogurt Land….sad. When Mr. Gaunt and I made a trip to Seattle in January, we went out of our way to go to the Yogurt Land in U District…sooo worth it.

Fast forward to late February when I posted on Facebook how sad I was that there wasn’t a self-serve frozen yogurt shop in Bellingham, and one of my friends commented that there would soon be a Menchies! A What? A Menchies! It’s JUST like Yogurt Land (sorry if they are actually more different than I realize) although they have a more cheerful decor, and WAY more topping options at one time. So me and all my friends spent the last couple months COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS until the Menchies would open…holla! So excited!

So on April 21st at 11 am the Bellingham Menchies opened its doors. I actually held off until about 5:00 because I usually prefer an evening “ice cream”, not a morning “ice cream”. So in place of dinner Mr. Gaunt and I headed to Menchies in search of my Frozen Yogurt fix.

I was not disappointed.

Check out that sweet patio!

I got Original Tart, Mango Sorbet and Cake Batter

Mr Gaunt got Original Tart, and Peach

This is the dried toppings section. I tend to go for the fruit and nut toppings

My toppings included: Strawberries, Kiwi, Mango, Almonds, Coconut, Yogurt Drops and Cheesecake Bites

Mr. Gaunts toppings were: Sour Gummi Worms, Butterfingers, Frosted Animal cookies, Gummi Bears, Strawberries, Bananas, Cheesecake Bites (I know...eww)

Happy as a clam

It was actually really cute because it’s a local family who bought the franchise. The husband was our SUPER FRIENDLY cashier, and the wife and her two daughters sat next to us eating some yogurt in between greeting customers. I love that a family owns and operates it, not some big company. It’s more Belligham that way.

Menchies also has such amazing options for Vegan, Gluten Free, Sugar Free and Dairy free folks. YAY YOGURT FOR ALL!

We are going again tonight with my sister. I’m stoked.

3 thoughts on “Menchies in Bellingham!

  1. I went yesterday when they opened and then again this afternoon with Chris!! Should be a fun place to go to all summer long!!

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