Anthropologie Displays

This post is mostly for my mom and I. We both LOVE Anthropologie, and pretty much die over their showroom displays…DIE I SAY! Such crafty goodness! Anyway we went 2 weeks ago down to Seattle and went to the big Anthropologie (and Urban Outfitters) down town. I took a bunch of photos of their displays so we can get inspired and make our own houses/yards/furniture cooler!

So here are a millllllion photos. xoxo

love this color scheme!

From Urban Outfitters

One thought on “Anthropologie Displays

  1. So, Morgan, have you seen the TV show where they follow the buyer for Anthrop. all over the world, to bazaars and villages and studios, buying all this amazing stuff?! It was on some big channel but haven’t seen it for awhile. Probably available on their website. you and Linda will love it. shari

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