Weigh In and Changes

I lost 1 pound this week. So did Mr. Gaunt.

However, I’ve decide to be done with the daily eats. To be honest it was boring me, and boring my blog up. I do however think doing it for 30 days really helped me lock in a good routine, and I will continue to eat as I have been. I’m still shooting for 30 pounds lost. I’m only down 8 pounds, but I’m positive Ive lost some inches. I’m gonna keep working out regularly, and I will probably continue to do daily updates on stuff.

This week I start working at 6am. This is a little early for me, but it means I get off at 2, and the Gym is soooo much slower at two! Plus Mr. Gaunt gets off at 1:30, so he can just drive straight to the gym and wait a little bit for me. Plus with Sunset at 5:30pm, that means a solid 3.5 hours of daylight (and hopefully sunlight) for me!

And I’m going to make an honest effort to use my REAL camera and not my cell phone more often. I still love a good high quality food shot…

(breakfast this morning)

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