Daily Eats – Day 31


Or better yet 1/3 of the way DONE with food journaling.

Special K. Half my leftover salad from yesterday. Raw Almonds.

Greek Yogurt (a new kind I HATE!) with Granola (also a new kind, its high fiber pumpkin Granola).

At work we had a Bake Potato bar with all the fixings, butter, cheese, sour cream chilli, bacon, etc. I only had a steamed potato with broccoli on top and salt and pepper (no butter…nothin) and a salad with fat free raspberry vinaigrette.

Rice Pudding

Dinner was Organic mac n cheese with collard greens, onions, peppers and chicken sausage.

We didn’t do the gym today, because I was feeling blue. Tomorrow we will go.

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