You Cant Make Me!

I’m not blogging about my food tonight, because I just don’t care.

I’m going to go to bed on time…for once, so maybe I can treat myself to coffee in the AM (I haven’t bought coffee all week!!!!!!)


1. I ordered a cute navy shrug for my bridesmaid Matron of Honor dress on Ebay.

2. My sister made amazing meatloaf that was packed full of chopped vegetables

3. My nail polish has lasted FIVE days without chipping at all.


1. Our kitchen faucet broke and now it sprays straight out instead of down.

2. My paycheck is already spent, even though I don’t even get it till midnight.

3. The gym makes me tired and achy, not strong and energized.


One thought on “You Cant Make Me!

  1. I found that it usually takes about a month or more before i usually start to feel more clear-headed, more energetic and positive about working out. This might sound strange, but what often keeps me going is reminding myself that I am not only working out for me, but doing it to create a stronger body to have a child, to live longer for my husband, to be healthy for my future kids’ lives. It seems to help me “just keep going.”

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