Daily Eats- Day 16

It was a snow day today. Which at first is fun, but then not fun. Really it means another day that I don’t get paid, and of course the ever glaring knowledge that I drive 1987 Toyota Piece-o-crap and can’t afford anything else. I have no idea how I’m getting to work tomorrow, and I’m frustrated. I also didn’t get to go to the gym. I hate snow!

Hula hates the snow too! It's too cold!

Non Fat Greek Yogurt. Blueberries. Low Fat Granola. Non Fat Vanilla Latte. Grapefruit. My sister made these things that were Prosciutto wrapped around asparagus in a mini croissant. I ate 2, they were small and delicious.

Lunch was Grilled Cheese (that I split with Mr. Gaunt), and Low Fat Squash Soup which I added a little chicken sausage and Kale to. Dinner was a boxed rice that I added leftover chicken and more Kale to. I also had a few sips of that cider.

I’m sure I consumed way too many calories today and didn’t move nearly enough.

Now I’m going to bed. Annoyed.

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