Happy Sunday! It’s snowing!

Which means everyone holes up in their houses and doesn’t go anywhere. However it’s not an excuse to drink hot sugary drinks all day and bake. Nope, gotta stay on track. Clean your house, do laundry, clean out your fridge. And if you did get the urge to make something warm and yummy, head over to SKINNY TASTE and make one of their lower calorie meals!

This week I missed TWO (yeah didn’t see yesterdays did yah) Daily Eats posts. Bummer on me. Yesterday was a weird day, we went over to a new friends house to watch the football game, and I didn’t want to come off as a crazy person taking photos of my food. So I didn’t. But I did eat fresh fruit, veggies with no dip (dip=devil) a small handful of chicken nachos, and some Pirates Booty. It was actually really awesome making new friends, I hope that we can hang out more with them as they are living a similar lifestyle to  us, which is hard to come by. I also drank TWO Vanilla Lattes (one non fat) and we made this for breakfast:

Home Made french toast sticks and a Denver scramble. So yummy, and I didn’t eat all of it. I feel like I am really working hard and stopping when I’m full.

So on to weight in. I think yesterday definable impacted my weight, with a fair amount of carbs, I also probably ate out more than I should have this past week. Maybe I will actually cook more this week lol. Results:

-2 Pounds.

Not bad. I’ll take it! I need to continue to lose about 2.3 pounds a week to reach my goal of 30 pounds in 90 days. I can do it!

Other big props goes to my friend Hilary who lost 3.1 pounds!

Mr. Gaunt drank like 9 beers yesterday so he of course is up 3 pounds. He needs to work on his beer portion control. And no one else offered up their results either. Apparently the average women will give up her New Years Resolution just SIX days into the New Year, while men will make it 12. I am happy to say both Mr. Gaunt and I are going strong on our resolutions. Don’t be a statistic! Keep workin it!

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