Daily Eats – Day 15

Leftover French toast. Odwalla Bar. Non Fat Vanilla Latte. Breakfast Sandwich (whole wheat English muffin, turkey bacon, egg)

Turkey Jerkey (just that little piece). Veggie Chicken Soup. Dried Fig (oooh mixing it up). Weight Watchers Chicken Parmesan (whole wheat pasta, skim Mozzarella, chicken, marinara) plus Light Cesar Salad with added tomatoes and cucumbers.

Plus two glasses of white wine. Not a bad day, but looking forward to getting back to my daily routine. I also bought a big bag of “southern greens” from Trader Joes, so we will be eating that all week…yum!

Gym this week will be lighter on the legs, as I feel like I pulled my lower-back-pelvis area and it needs a rest. Dare I work on my abs?..ugg.

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