Sorry I’m so Dull (Daily Eats – Day 11)

Right now I’m running:

-2 blogs

-3 facebook pages

– 1 Etsy site

-4 Email accounts

-1 website

-2 Paypal accounts

AND my full time job….that sucks the life out of me. AND eating healthy AND working out 5 days a week.

I haven’t been good at returning calls or hanging out with people. My blog is also über boring these days. The fact is that keeping this photo food journal is REALLY keeping me in check, but I just don’t have time to blog more than once in a day, so it’s all I can do to slap a little blurb about what else is going on in my life at the bottom of each post. I suppose people can stop reading if they hate it, although my views for January have been freakishly high, so maybe people think photo food journals are all that and a bag a chips! Ok no chips.

I may have yelled at my mom this evening about contracts and then burst into tears…yeah…maybe. To be honest with business coming in steadily since the wedding show, I got a little overwhelmed. I’m new! I’m trying to figure it out and do the right thing, but I’m still learning. Plus at some point I have got to get some help. One simply cannot do it all by themselves. And not help in the “I’ll tell you to do something and you do it” sort of way, help in the “I did it without you asking or holding my hand” sorta way. REAL HELP. I need some, and hopefully it will happen.

Today at the gym it was super crowded and 4 of the good machines were broken (it’s a tiny gym) which makes me mad because it’s freaking JANUARY! If a machine breaks FIX IT FAST! But no, it will sit there broken for a month…lame. So Mr. Gaunt and I did the stair stepper….KILLER…for 10 minutes. You can burn like 200 calories doing 10 minutes on that bad boy! Then we did the old ghetto (aka no cup holders) treadmill for another 20. Then I did legs and Mr. Gaunt did chest. Usually I do 12 reps on each machine (there are 5) 3 times. Today I bumped it up to 20 reps, and I bumped all my weights up by 20 pounds. I’m up to 140 pounds on the leg press machine! That’s good for me! I actually felt pretty good after working out today, almost a little…in shape. It was nice.

Grapefruit. Non Fat Greek Yogurt with  Low fat Granola. Smart Ones Meal.

Dried Date. White Bean Quinoa Chili. Bread with Olive Oil and Balsamic. White Wine.

Yeah the bread and oil was probably a bad choice, but I split it with Mr. Gaunt and it was delicious. Tomorrow’s my Friday…thank god.


2 thoughts on “Sorry I’m so Dull (Daily Eats – Day 11)

  1. Is that chili homemade or restaurant made? It looks so good! 🙂 If you need help with something, I can always help either long distance or I can come up on a weekend.

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