Daily Eats – Day 9

Grapefruit. Non Fat Vanilla Latte. Cascade Ice. Non Fat Plain Greek Yogurt with Low Fat Granola.

Dinner was a small sip left in that big bottle, and a Mexican mish-mash meal. So good! I really tried to use portion control restraint because there was tons and it was so good. I only had a small bowl. Go me!

Again I ate 3 pieces of Roast Beef lunch meat in a post-gym hunger rage and my phone was all the way across the room in my purse. Not worth getting it. (:

Speaking of Gym, I pretty much kicked my own ass today! Like die-hard-sweating-breathing-insanity! I did my first 5k in 30 minutes! Look proof…

it was blurry because I was still moving!

It’s hard to tell but it say 3.24 miles and 430 calories burned! At the bottom it also said 30 minutes, but I missed it in the photo. I’m awesome. Then I did 20 minutes “arms” strength training.

So a pretty great day. I’ve been really busy doing lots of business stuff today, trying to catch up and keep the momentum going. I’m taking Friday off (not by choice) but I’m thinking I may try to talk with my boss about taking all Fridays off, so I can focus that day on Business. We will see.



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