WEIGH IN! (and Daily Eats – Day 8)

Oh it’s so late! The day was a whirlwind for us. We had our first Bridal Expo and it went fabulously. I’m not exactly sure what entails a good show or not, but we passed out a ton of info, had the cutest booth on the block and networked like crazy. But my feet are sore and I am sooo not looking forward to work tomorrow. Prepare to see a 20 oz latte on the menu tomorrow!

Oh and the best part of the day….WEIGH IN! I really really felt like I did so good this week. I didnt eat or drink ANYTHING that I didnt show you. Even today at the show I didnt put so much as an M&M in my mouth…I was in control! Back to weigh in, I woke up and emediatly weighed myself, knowing that if it didnt go well then it may put a funk in my day. The result?

-6 Pounds!


I lost 6 pounds this week! Squeal! I’m sure some of this is still just losing post-holiday bloat, but HOT DAM IM ON TRACK!

Mr. Gaunt did so well too! Yesterday he weighed in at a 10 pound loss, but today it was more like a 7 pound lost. So proud of him! We are both on such great track for the 30 in 90!

I also had two friends who sent me there losses (yay for being moral support to eachother!)

Kelli lost 1 pound

Hilary lost 1.7 pounds

GREAT JOB LADIES! Anyone else want to share how there week went? My mom isnt one to weigh herself, but I know she at like a champ, and she said she definitely felt like she was down a few pounds.

So congrats to everyone! What a great first week of 2012! Keep on track this week. Carbs and sugar down, veggies and protein up and WORK OUT! Weigh in next Sunday, I’d love to lose 2 more pounds. Oh and the awesome Jen Martin took some photos of our booth today, so hopefully in the next week or two I can share those with you too.

Oh and here’s what I ate today. Not great, but it’s hard to eat well when you are away from home all day. Plus we were very busy working an on our feet all day, so I didnt feel too bad about my choices.

16 oz Non Fat Vanilla Latte

Breakfast Sandwich (total garbage)

3 bites of this chicken Thai Wrap from Trader Joes. No sauce, just cabbage and chicken. It was meh. Mr. Gaunt ate the rest

Celebration Dinner! Portobello Burger (no cheese) with a side salad (but I totes ate those wontons….yum!) Plus a Mojito

Dried Date and Glass of Strongbough for Dessert.

The only thing I didn’t take a photo of was 4 slices of Roast beef (thin slice) that I scarfed down like a crazy person. I must have been craving Iron…it was a moment of weakness. So goodo

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