Stale almonds

I’m sitting at work eating stale almonds and debating which is worse: being homeless, or working this job. It’s a tough call right now. With 30 minutes left in my shift I’m pretty much about to lose my mind. I thought a two week vacation might make me feel rejuvenated and motivated, but it hasn’t. It’s made me angry and disgusted by the amount I get paid an hour to waste my life away.

So I make lists and I ponder what I need to do to get outta here. If nothing else at least I’m not someone who bitches about my job but does nothing to change it. I SWEAR IM WORKING HARD! But things take time and money and chances, and we are only given so much of each, so things don’t always move as fast and efficiently as we would like.

I’m extra pushy and bossy these days, and I think it’s out of fear and desperation. I know I can only accomplish so much on my own, and I expect others to care as much about stuff as I do. I get let down and then I get mean. I can say I’m working on it, but I’m not. Not until I can turn in my swipe card at this job and start the life I know I should have.

In food news I’m eating the same stuff every day lol. But there is chili at home in the crock pot that I am very much looking forward to. With a big dallop of fat free sour cream! Delish!

Now let me count the minutes until I can go to the gym and go home! 22..21..20

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