Daily Eats – Day 3

16 oz non fat Vanilla Latte

Fat free plain Greek Yogurt with Low Fat Granola

1 whole grapefruit

Stale almonds…yuk. Dried Dates

2 bites of a power bar (to get rid of the stale almond taste)

Fat Free Swiss Single

Veggie Pattie (same pic as yesterday as I forgot to take a new one)

Low Fat Chilli (homemade by the husband)

Orange Juice.

Mr. Gaunt is very sick…poor boy. So while he went to bed early I finished my BFF’s Bridal Shower invites and watched a bunch of Gossip Girl on Netflix. I also snuck one too many bites of Chili…lame. I also wanted sweets sooo bad but opted for a dried date…it sorta did the trick. Forcing myself to take pics of everything I eat really is holding me accountable. The only thing I’m noticing is that my dinners this week have all been pretty high in sodium, hopefully I wont bloat for weigh in on Sunday.

I also managed to go to the gym for an hour today, even though Mr. Gaunt didn’t go. I feel so motivated! I did arms today. It’s core tomorrow, and then my mom and I are trying a Pilates class on Saturday! I’m so excited.


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