Daily Eats – Day 2

16 oz Non fat vanilla latte

Non fat Greek yogurt. Low fat Granola


Veggie Patti

Home made Apple Chips (no sugar)

2 slices of turkey with mustard

Egg Drop Soup. Veggie and Chicken take out.


Mr. Gaunt and I went to the gym at our new time (4:00) because I’m back at work. The gym was extra crowded which sucked, but we still managed to get our workout in. Mr. Gaunt wasn’t feeling well so we decided to get soup, and the chicken and veggies were the healthiest thing on the menu. I’m sure they had a ton of sodium, but no sauce really, so they couldn’t be awful..well..hopefully. I also ate a fortune cookie before remembering my no sugar rule, but a fortune cookie is more like a cracker…right? lol.

In work news, the day was AWFUL! So boring, maybe the worst day I have had yet. If nothing else it keeps me seriously motivated to work hard at my new business. Sigh. It’s a stormy night, laying low.


2 thoughts on “Daily Eats – Day 2

  1. “What the heck is that?” -Coral, looking at the veggie patty. Is this something you bought or made? Also, did you ever get a food dehydrator? (I’m assuming that’s how you did your apple chips.) I’ve been telling people I know in the Bellingham area about your business- I hope it picks up this year!

  2. Hi I really like your blog, and you are very inspiring to me. I am doing the same sort of thing, only I am emailing my daily food choices to a friend in the morning and sticking to e ating only what I committ to. Two foods that have helped me are Noodles and Gen wraps
    They are both no carb, low cal foods. Thanks for your great tips!

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