2012 Goals & Christmas

Oh god I feel so gross and OVER CHRISTMAS.

But I always feel this way after Christmas. It’s just too much, of everything. Mostly food and laziness, but “materialism, decorations, music, money” they all have been tapped out over here. You too?

I wasn’t really planning on blogging until the new year, but its my blog, so I can pretty much do whatever I want. (: And today I felt like blogging.

So I’m up 30 pounds, in general. I gained 30 pounds because I sit in an office all day, don’t go to the gym, and eat whatever I like. Funny how that works. I pretty much hate all pictures of myself these days, and I wear way too many of Mr. Gaunt sweaters, becasue all my clothes are tight, and his clothes are baggy.

This is quite the predicament. It’s not the end of the world, but damn near close. Mr. Gaunt and I did join the gym last week, and went all week, but not this weekend as the gym was closed. We are also trying to eat healthy, but Christmas threw us off track a bit. Duh. So we are back on track today.  I have some pretty huge goals for 2012. The number 12 has always sort of been “my number” mostly as I was born on September 12th, but I just like its evenness. So 2012 is the year I make some major changes.  Lets make a list shall we!

1. Lose 30 pounds and keep them off. (I’m hoping to lose 30 pounds in 90 days, so I can feel good this summer!)

2. Get my new business off the ground so I can quit my job by May (although I may work somewhere else part time)

3. Reduce my consumption. Recycle more.

4. Make friends (I need some, and Mr. Gaunt needs some too)

5. Gym, 5 days a week, every week.

6. Buy a Cannon Rebel t2i

7. Get a passport

8. Manage my finances so money we make in the summer can support us in the winter

9. Visit Portland, Olympia, Seattle

10. Get a “new to us” reliable minivan (for business and above trips)

11. Send Mr. Gaunt back to Colorado at least twice this year

12. Cook more

13. Landscape the front yard, and lay some new grass in the back yard.

14. Go on new Hikes around the area

15. Sell 50 more paintings on Etsy

16. Go away somewhere for our 1 year anniversary

17. Avoid Sugar (more on this later)

18. Make more handmade things (gifts, household items, etc)

19. Take more photos of my life

20. Paint and organize my laundry room

I leave with some photos from our Christmas morning breakfast (including Hula’s first can of fancy feast!)




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