Fall Wreath Ideas

Today was a really good day. Mr. Gaunt and I went and bought a few things with some giftcards of things that we didn’t get off our registry. An extra set of silverware, short and tall glasses, and an awesome frame for future wedding photos. Then my friend Manda invited me to a card making party out in Everson. It was actually really fun! Although I usually don’t stamp, and I prefer to be more creative than follow a tutorial, they turned out super sweet. It was also kind of fun to hang out with a bunch of wives (and to be one!) and a few mom/mom’s to be. Mr. Gaunt and I joke that we are on the look out for some married couples to hang out with, maybe join a group…lol. Tonight we went and had soup at Honeymoon, then we watched our friend Greg play hockey (for Western) which was all fall cozy and fun, until my butt fell asleep on the bleachers and I decided we needed to go home.

So we came home and un-packed all the fall Halloween decorations and decorated the living room. I’ll take pics tomorrow in the day light. This week or next Manda and I have a date to make Fall Wreaths! Yay! I have an awesome black front door that is just SCREAMING for a fun fall wreath. So Manda (or anyone else who wants to join) here are all the fun fall wreathes I have found. Which should we do?

(click on any photo to be taken to the tutorial)

4 thoughts on “Fall Wreath Ideas

  1. I like all of the ones with more fall type colors! That way I can keep it up into November for Thanksgiving too!! The one with the glittery leaves is cool, or the one with all the different orange fabric swatches.

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