Four Days notes to Self

-You will look very nice. You will look like you. No one will be let down.

-The projects will come together, they will make sense, they will be quirky and beautiful.

-Mr. Gaunt will be there, and you trust him.

-You planned enough. Its well-organized.

-The food will be amazing, people will eat it.

-You have a great DJ who will help run the show.

-Your friends are all here. Never have you had so much support in one place.

-Its ok to let it go.

-Its ok that your house is a mess of boxes.

-Your appointments are booked.

-There is one more day of work.

-Rely on your friends.

-Your photographer is coming, he will be here, it will be ok.

-Your nails are long, for the first time ever. They will look nice.

-Everything you ordered arrived, on time too.

-Your hair will come together, just trust.

-Your skin is blemish free

-Your going on a Honeymoon with the man of your dreams in 6 days.

-Next week there is no more wedding. Enjoy this week.

-Kiss Mr. Gaunt a lot. Remember he is prize.

-Your shoes fit

-The rehersal dinner is booked and ordered and will not require much from you.

-The music will be lovely.

-Its ok that  you didn’t learn to dance, a rock back fourth is still sweet.

-Your yard is mowed

-Your cell phone was in the lost and found at the bar. It pays to have a ghetto phone that no one wants to steal.

-Mom seems way more sane than you, she’s on top of things.

-Mom got cute shoes, a first? (:

-Your bridesmaids are all unique, beautiful and have great dresses and style.

-You get to meet baby Cecilia, your…ahem…God Daughter. (sweet baby smells….sigh)

Now go get dressed, get some coffee, and enjoy your last day at work as an unmarried women. Then go buy Bridesmaids and watch it with your girls!

9 thoughts on “Four Days notes to Self

  1. As I went to bed on Saturday night I thought of you starting your wedding day on the other side of the world. I wished for spy-cam! Hope you had a wonderful day. I’m so looking forward to the update about the big day 🙂

  2. thank you for posting this! I am saving this list for my wedding week next summer. All the best to you and your new married life!


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