Sanity is a Cozy Lie

I’m a bit of an anxious wreck right now. Which is why there is no blogging, and nothing is coming out of my mouth that isnt wedding related, seriously, I’m useless.

Tomorrow is my 26th birthday, and I cold care less, its means nothing to me. NOTHING I TELL YOU! This coming from a girl who likes to celebrate ‘Birthday week” too!

I know there are definitely people who take wedding planning way less seriously, and let lots of other people help them and let things be imperfect. Congrats to them, I’m and insane control freak.  I’m so excited though. I’m just thrilled by how many people are coming and how much fun everyone is going to have. I’m also just really excited to see my whole vision come together. I hope everything looks as awesome as I planned and that people think its unique and they enjoy themselves. I hope its the perfection I see in my head.

I just wish this anxious almost sick feeling would go away. I also wish I had a better answer to everyone’s “are you getting nervous” “what can I do to help” questions, as I tend to just ramble like an idiot and not actually say anything interesting or productive. Sleep has also become a bit…restless.

So tonight I’m going to go to bed with my lunch packed and my gym clothes waiting by the door. I will go to work, then the gym, then maybe a little birthday dinner. I will also accomplish at least 1 painting that ships this week and I will I cross off at least 1 wedding task. Until then, send me good thoughts of sanity, I’m off to make lists.


(hopefully will be normal soon) Morgan


3 thoughts on “Sanity is a Cozy Lie

  1. I am totes ready to do breathing exercises with you, lol. I think we should create a day-of mantra for when little things (or big things!) are not going just right to keep your eyes on the prize.

  2. Best of luck in these last few weeks of planning! I have checked in with your progress here and there since your post about succulents inspired my to-be centerpieces for my wedding next summer…and I am a WA girl too! You are looking great and sound on top of everything. I cant wait to hear how it all goes!


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