The Busiest September of all time

Our only “un-eventful” September weekend is officially over. I’m glad it was 3 days, I needed some extra chill out time. The next few weekend are going to be a blur of awesomeness! We did buy a fancy-pants lawn mower today. Also my brother and I picked a ton of blackberries and I made two cobblers. I also cleaned a lot of my house, washed all our “goodwill” wedding dishes (100 plates). We also found a dead tree to cut up for our centerpieces, and got some free patio furniture.

They are crazy metallic fabric, not real metal.

Next weekend is my “Birthday Weekend” (my birthday is Monday the 12th), as well as my sisters Graduation Party (her graduation is tomorrow, party on Sunday) and J’s best man Jake comes into town and we will be picking him up in Seattle.

The following weekend is my bachelorette Party (Saturday)! I’m so excited for this! Getting dressed up and drinking with all my bestfriends! Its so rare for all of us to get together, I’m so excited! Then on Sunday is my Bridal Shower, bring on the party games!

Then the next weekend is my wedding! I can’t even believe it’s in 18 days! That is crazy. looking at my list though, all the major things are done. We are going to be all completely paid up on our vendors this week. I pick my dress up on Wednesday! The things left to do re just little odds and ends that either are on J’s list or my “week of” list.

I also in a weird turn of events have started feeling less concerned about my looks/weight. I’m just excited to get married and be happy and have all these amazing people at our wedding, and who the hell cares if I have a little extra arm chub? Not me. I have better things to worry about. Being happy!

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