Good Morning September

It’s my favorite month, back to grace us with her ever-loving presence! I wont lie, I can not believe it’s September already, isnt it still April? Didnt I JUST move home? Isnt my wedding in 8 months? Nope.

My wedding is in 24 days.

But ALSO my birthday is in 12 days. Sorry little birthday, this year there are bigger and better celebrations then you happening. Your getting overshadowed a little, and that’s ok. However this year I will be TWENTY SIX! What!? Insanity! I’m 17, I swear it! Whats that you say? I will be marrying a 30 year old man in 24 days? This can’t be true! I just got my drivers licence and have to go buy me some halter tops at American Eagle!

Woah, a little off topic. We did however go buy these awesome little gems  at AE for Mr. Gaunt to wear under his $1.50 (recently dry cleaned) Goodwill Wedding Pants (gosh those are fun sounding pants!). They are Broncos colors…duh.

I’m trying to find the time to edit my wedding invitations pictures so I can share with everyone what they look like and how I made them, but alas I’m a  busy bee with at least 4 running lists of “Gotta Do Right Now” type of stuff. It’s cool though becausee I get a three day weekend! Not working retail is the best thing on planet earth because they actually honor holidays like Labor Day by not making you Labor.

I was telling Mr. Gaunt yesterday that I am so glad we are getting married in September and not October, because if I had to pass up on all the Pumpkin Flavored treats at Starbucks in October, I might DIE! Seriously, me and a pumpkin Scone have a date September 25th…lol!

Ooh! Today is also the day all of my RSVPs are due in! Obviously people are not huge fans of RSVPing, although a lot have, so props to them. I’m actually really stoked for how many old family friends are going to be coming, it’s all just so fun and exciting!

Ok I have to go shower and go to work…boo. I swear though this weekend I will do a post with actual pictures and interesting things!


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