The Fair and All its Glory!

Mr. Gaunt and I went to the Northwest Washington Fair on Tuesday night because he had the evening off. I think the Fair is the most AWESOME and DISAPPOINTING event all at the same time. Seriously, everyone has such fond memories of the fair and no bad ones, until they are back. For instance when I think of the fair the following comes to mind:

-Baby Animals

-Beautiful Horses

-4H (sewing, vegetable sculptures, photography, cats….need I say more?)

-Fried Foods!

-Frozen Treats!

-Picnic tables

-Ferries Wheels

-Lights, sounds and smells of USA! (uhh…ok that last part is just weird)

I mean its good old American fun, 2nd best to 4th of July!

But then you get there, and the smells are animal urine and hay, and the whole place is a riddled with teenagers doing (AND WEARING OMG) inappropriate things. And somehow you blow through $50 despite the fact that you went on 2 rides and shared a low-fat Low-Sugar Boysenberry ice cream cone. In the end though, I still loved it. I especially loved taking Mr. Gaunt to his first Lynden Fair AND getting an honorary photo button! I also managed to not put anything (except said low fat ice cream cone) into my mouth, I know, I’m on a bridal mission and I’m amazing.

PS I think even ferris wheels are scary.

This painting looks exactly like Hula!

This takes nursing to a whole new level, poor mama pig!

They were being twins. I had to convinc him not to take his shirt off....ha!

When Doves Cry


The carnie was so cute and offered to take this picture so we could both play.


4 thoughts on “The Fair and All its Glory!

  1. Love these fair shots! We had a similar experience at the Iowa State Fair…you go into it remembering fairs to be this wonderful thing and then quickly find out it’s not so much for you. But I am sure we will do it all again next year 🙂 LOVE YOUR PHOTO BUTTON!

  2. Discovered your blog when it was on the front page of WordPress, and I so love your spirit and stories. I’m going to the Minnesota State Fair with my guy over the Labor Day weekend, so your adventures make me super excited to see what Minneapolis has in store! Keep writing, blogging, and living!

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