Because it makes you feel all warm and tingly inside.

I am of course talking about crossing things off my Wedding To-Do Lists….duh.

The following were completed this past week:

-Make Cake Topper

-Touch base with DJ (who in case you were wondering is the male performer in this video. Amazing I know)

-Touch base with Photographer

-Reserved Room blocks at hotels

-Finished making 5 cake stands and a cake-pop stand for the desert table

-Ordered Coasters

-Mailed out the last of our invites

-Recieved the invite to my own Bachelorette party! SQUEEEL!

-Ordered a dress for my bridal shower

-Made some photo props (a Thank You banner)

-Confirmed who is going to mary us and began discussing ceremony ideas

-Found a tailor for my dress alterations

This weekend will be more planning, like always. We get paid on Friday and all extra fundage of course will already need to be shelled out to the vendors we owe money to. Someone asked me recently about our wedding budget. I’m sure I could do a whole boring post on that, but in short we really don’t have one. We are doing as much as we can, and trying to be savvy with making lots of stuff ourselves and enlisting the help of friends and family. In the end though, YES it is crazy expensive. I’m not willing to say it’s not worth it though, because it’s going to be awesome and amazing and something we will never get to do again! In a weird way it has also shown me that if we prioritize and really focus, we can make things we want/need really happen. I’m proud of us for taking on so much and not going into ANY debt for it. Its been quite the learning experience.

So that’s that. We have ummm…FORTY FIVE DAYS until the wedding. That is insanity and I know they are going to fly by in no time, especially since really that means we have SIX weekends left to get stuff done…OMG. In case you are in the beginning stages of planning I seriously suggest doing everything early as time will fly by. Especially if your taking on a lot of stuff yourself. Alright I’m off to bed with visions of wedding bells dance in my head.

One thought on “Because it makes you feel all warm and tingly inside.

  1. I got your invites yesterday too!! Can’t wait to celebrate with you!! If you need any help with anything in the next few weeks don’t be afraid to ask… I’m free most evenings and weekends (except for the 20th we are going to a wedding). It does come up really quick, I felt like I should have taken weeks before our wedding off from work not just the day before.

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