Planting the Succulents

One of the wedding decor things I blogged about early on, I actually followed through on! I know, shocking! I knew right from the start the Milk Glass + Succulents = AWESOME CENTERPIECES. Over the last year my mom and I (with help from Mr. Gaunt’s mom too) collected about 35 pieces of milk glass. Most of them came from thrift stores or garage sales, and a few people owned and gave to me. They are a wide range of shapes and sizes, which I love.

When we moved up here we slowly began planting succulents in large and small pots around the house. I was shocked how quickly they began to breed! Crazy baby succulents popped up all around the big ones. Also a few weeks ago my grandma gave me a GIANT pot of succulents she had grown, so we had a ton.

This past weekend my mom and one of my bridesmaids Rita came over and we transplanted succulents into all the Milk Glass. To do this, you just sort of use a butter knife to pull them gently apart (they have very little roots) and then planted them in potting soil. We mixed different styles of succulents and the little vines together to get a cute terrarium look.  We did this early on in hopes that they will settle a bit and maybe even fill in/breed more before the wedding. I could not be happier with how stinkin cute they are!


88 thoughts on “Planting the Succulents

    • What a unique, inoovative, green and renewable idea!!!! I am gonna steal this one if my daughter ever sets a date…I may steal this for some random party OR for my patio next year….and b/c so m any people grow them, I may be able to get starts from other people free….oh so creative you are!!!! Glad they Freshly Pressed you!!!! Enjoy every moment of the lead up to the wedding. You really will only do it once, and it should be exactly how you waqnt, music, clothes, food all of it!!!! 🙂 AmberLena p.s. you all look like you are having so much fun too!

  1. Such a cute idea for decor that is re-usable as well… I couldn’t tell how many flowers we had that just went to waste (especially because of the heat).

  2. Oh wow they are so cute! I write a daily garden blog and wrote about my beloved Hens and Chicks a while ago, and am always looking for new ways to display them! I love making terrariums, and wouldn’t have thought to use Milk Glass!

  3. Those are beautiful! To be honest, I don’t think I’d have the patience to be able to put so much work into a centerpiece; I applaud you for your tenacity and creativity! 🙂

    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  4. What an incredible idea! So fun and easy, since they are succulents (in my experience, hard to kill=gardener’s best friend). I love the different shapes and the one with the red tips

  5. Love succulents! Love the geometry, the shapes and how they find ways to find space. And the flowers are very delicates.

  6. How smart….Love the Milk Glass! I hope your guests know that you made those with your own hands. I love that it wasn’t just a last minute, throw-together idea…that it was a pre-meditated act of love. So Sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Lovely centerpieces. All of the arrangements at my wedding were green and white. Artichokes, wheatgrass, seed pods, here and there a cymbidium orchid in pale green and white. It gave it a very modern look and kept it pretty inexpensive. I love the way the milk glass takes similar array of colors and makes them look a little more classic. Lovely! I am sure your tables will be stunning. And congratulations!

  8. Wish I was that good at planting succulents – I recently lost some of my favorites to a freeze and a wet spell.
    If your interested, two more fun species are flap jacks and burrow’s tail. The desert rose is not a succlent, but
    it’s very unusual – small, and the care requirements are about the same – often, they are grouped with
    succulents in communal pots. Happy gardening – signed – A cactus freak.

  9. Love the photos in this post and the idea of planting the succulents in milk glass. I have a containers I may put to new use very soon… 😀

  10. Loved reading about this and seeing the pictures. I was surprised at how beautiful the plants look in the lovely milk glass. Usually I’ve seen them in old boots or other rustic planters. I didn’t know they could dress up for a wedding.
    Congrats on being freshpressed/

  11. Milk Glass and Succulents… the day you and your friends planted these will be just as much a part of your wedding memories as the ceremony. Well done for embracing the journey and well done on the FP!

  12. what a fresh pretty look for a summer wedding and very current too (in a retro vintage sort of way). Love the mixture! And congratulations on being freshly pressed too! woo hoo 🙂

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  14. This is such a fantastic idea! Love the idea of using succulents, and adding them to milk glass makes them pop so nicely. What an excellent idea for centerpieces! I’m sure everyone will love them, they are definitely awesome! Keeping this idea in mind for one day when I will be planning.

    Congratulations on Freshly Pressed!

  15. What a lovely idea! I had green apples for our wedding. When the reception started a little later than we hoped, they became excellent snacks for our guests enjoying the open bar. Cheers to your upcoming nuptials!

  16. Beautiful! Great simple but elegant centerpiece idea. I love it when live plants/growing flowers are used as centerpieces instead of cut flowers that are just going to die. A souvenir from the wedding to live on! Good luck!

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  18. I’m into bonsai now but I gave away about 1000 succulents over the last few years. I only kept my favourites which are now huge. I have a Cassula about 1 metre tall and you can’t get your hands around its trunk. I love them. Good work and I agree with the other comments that the white planters look brilliant.

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  20. Terrific post … as a fellow succulent lover myself I wish more people would indulge in and enjoy these amazing plants.

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