Curve Appeal

This is my new favorite blog/tumblr. It pretty much makes me feel fantastic. I am totally under the impression that I may not be able to lose a single pound before my wedding. I am doing my best to just be ok with this. I’m pretty sure all of my friends and family (although some may secretly deep down wish I would lose more weight) will still love me and think I look nice at this size.

Being this size does not mean I am lazy, or careless with my health. This is what I got to work with, and I’m a good person despite my physical flaws. I tell myself this every day, I’m trying to believe, every day.

And yes, I would look better 50 pounds thinner, but I have some serious self esteem healing that needs to happen before that.Β  I wish I could lose the weight on my heart and be someone who can just love themselves as they are. I wish it was easier to trust Mr. Gaunt when he says I look nice, or photos that make me look thinner, and not just assume they are both an illusion.

There is beauty in the breakdown.

5 thoughts on “Curve Appeal

  1. Hey! I just found your blog browsing the internet. I am on a weight loss adventure, too… and I live in Bellingham ^_^ LETS BE BLOG BUDDIES! My blog is πŸ™‚
    (There’s a post about my weight loss here: but I haven’t updated that in a while… there’s a couple other weight loss related posts on my other blog here: …if ya look you’ll find a couple more thats just one lol)

    Feel free to email me or whatever πŸ™‚

  2. I hardly think anyone secretly wishes you would lose more weight. You eat right, you exercise, I pretty much think that when you are doing those things, then where your body is at is exactly where it’s supposed to be. So please don’t lose 50 more pounds because I think you would just be really really hungry and angry and I wouldn’t want to hang out with you LOL.

  3. i’m obsessed with curve appeal, too. it’s beautiful. you’re amazing and i’m so happy you posted this. πŸ™‚ see you next week!

  4. So I found you totally by accident just now whilst googling for something else, and you’re beautiful. You’re most beautiful when you’re happy and that shot in the lake is awesome. But just to say – if weight and your body are things that stress you out, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you check out the primal/paleo approach to food, largely because of the self esteem issues you’re talking about — and because I think it’s the only thing that REALLY works. I’m a bit of an evangelist about it. Promise promise you’re moods will lift a bit, you’ll eat nice food and not be hungry, and your body will start to change. In my case, it also solved a host of life long health issues, and most people notice big changes even if they don’t consider themselves ill (more energy, no more afternoon slump, aches and pains disappear, don’t get sick, no more headaches, any nasty gut stuff or GI issues sorted out)…

    Erm, ok, sorry for the weird uninvited plug… leaving now… here’s some links. Don’t worry about the ‘caveman’ stuff, no one takes it all that seriously!
    and stupidly inspiring stuff here:

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