’twas a Drive By Blogging!

I’m so busy I can’t even be bothered to find my camera and upload pictures, or even say anything interesting.

A few things to note though:

-I need an extra room for all the wedding shit I have ordered/made. It’s a zoo of Yellow and Grey.

-I also need an extra room for PAINTINGS! Umm I’m currently working on ELEVEN paintings! I might faint.

-My job may actually run longer than I thought.

-I found TO DIE FOR PERFECT wedding shoes and I can’t get over it! I will share pics soon!

-I’m spending my evening painting 3 cat paintings, stenciling 5 cars, and watching a million episodes of Greys Anatomy.

-Mr. Gaunt did AMAZING on his Tech School placement test! He tested out of all the basic classes except algebra. I couldn’t be more proud! Hopefully Math in the fall and NURSING IN JANUARY!!!!

-I have no time to run and this is kind of sad. Next week I will get back to it when my schedule goes to 8-2.

2 thoughts on “’twas a Drive By Blogging!

  1. If you need a running partner next week in the evenings let me know… Or if you need help with wedding stuff… It’s been forever since we’ve gotten together!

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